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Everywhere we look, powerful forces are battling to steal our collective focus.Are you letting them win?Stop wasting time on stuff that doesn't matter and start using simple, science-backed systems to thrive in today's attention economy.

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The Attentive Rebellion

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We're in the midst of a paradox — even a crisis — of abundance. A nearly infinite amount of information is now available online, and like all markets of abundance, this is not good for the average person. Most people consume crap content.But for the small number of savvy people who can zero in on the right content, it's the age of unlimited opportunity.While others scroll through mindless nonsense, passively consuming whatever they're fed by the mass media and social algorithms, you have the wisdom of the world at your fingertips to do with what you wish. To create the life you want.You become what you pay attention to.

What's the goal?

To be clear: the goal isn’t to convince anyone to opt out of the attention economy. Quite the opposite, in fact.We want to empower people to successfully participate in the attention economy on their terms, in ways that align with their values and goals.In our experience, most well-known experts tackling this topic focus on A) maximizing productivity by blocking out distractions or B) personal restrictions and extreme minimalism.The Attentive Rebellion offers an alternative — a middle ground.

Here's what to expect:

•Actionable info: News, analysis and tools you can actually use to build a healthier approach to how you allocate your attention and consume content.
•Expert guidance: Insights curated from the field’s top minds to help you stay a step ahead of today’s sophisticated attention thieves.
•Personal stories: Relevant updates as I work out how to master my own attention and content habits.

Here's what not to expect:

Technical, inaccessible jargon: I’m slogging through dense books, scientific studies and scholarly articles so you don’t have to.
Productivity hacks: There are already enough newsletters, books, courses, workshops and systems out there worshiping at the altar of productivity at all costs.

About the Editor

Sam Kraft here. I’m the researcher, writer and experimenter-in-chief behind The Attentive Rebellion.A content marketer by trade, I've spent the past 13 years building and executing content strategies to help businesses capture and monetize people's attention.I decided it's time to flip the script.Endless distractions. Addictive platforms. Information overload. Now more than ever, people struggling with these forces need a playbook for overcoming them.With The Attentive Rebellion, my goal is to provide that playbook using frameworks and groundbreaking new approaches from expert psychologists, neuroscientists and entrepreneurs.Thriving in today's attention economy requires serious focus. We can't achieve that focus without retraining our attention.

Why tackle this?

Like almost everyone, the past decade had a profound impact on my attention span. Difficulty focusing. Feeling overwhelmed. An endless cascade of notifications, messages and “content” of every type imaginable.To combat this, I used a number of techniques with varying degrees of success over the years. I became more and more fixated on the subject over time, talking about the phenomenon with friends and seeking out articles, podcast episodes and books to develop a deeper understanding of what was happening.Since leaving my job as content director at a marketing agency, I’ve used what I’ve gained through my obsession research on attention and its overlap with the recent explosion of available information to start building effective strategies for resisting the negative effects of the attention economy and prioritizing the right information.Which led to the important realization I referenced above: we are what we pay attention to.It’s a statement with profound implications, and it’s what prompted the launch of The Attentive Rebellion. Bear in mind, it’s an ongoing, messy work in progress — a journey I’m excited to share with readers.

© The Attentive Rebellion. All rights reserved.

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